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    Cumulative relative frequencies

    I have a problem I do not understand. I always end up with result 0.99 instead of 1. See lines 22 and 40: Am I not supposed to get 1? Here is the full scenario (from the paste): We are measuring how many times per week people practice sports. absolute...
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    Calculating with types of data

    Why can't one compute with values such as 'M(ale)/F(emale)'? Can't I keep a counter of how many males and females were at an event? Am I not 'calculating' then? So am I actually assigning a ratio value (counter) to a nominal value (M/F) if I do this?
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    Probability of an event

    A woman bears two babies and they both die. The case goes into court and they hire a statistician to figure out what the chance is of a woman having her two children die at birth. The chance appears to be 1/1000000. After some years of heavy judicious discussion in court, things ended up well...