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    How do I test if my data is Poisson Distributed?

    Have you been able to look at the distribution of your data by plotting it?
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    Robust standard errors and REML

    Hello there, I didn't explain properly, my apologies: I'm running a multilevel/mixed effects model and the first time I ran the model was with REML. I then plotted the predicted residuals and saw they were nowhere near normally distributed. I know that REML is fairly robust to deviations from...
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    Robust standard errors and REML

    Both - variables are now significant that weren't before.
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    Which statistical test to use to compare 3 measure instruments?

    A repeated measures ANOVA could be good to look up - bear in mind you have 'clustered' data here. Your data is clustered within patients.
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    Chi-square test for multiple rows contingency table

    You could run a logistic regression to examine the associations further.
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    Robust standard errors and REML

    Hello everyone, Might anyone know why, when running multilevel (mixed effects) models with REML I get completely different results when I run the same models with robust variances? I originally chose REML because I have a small number of clusters (11). However, when plotting the residuals for...
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    Change in income baseline-endline

    Thanks for your help, Karabiner, I appreciate it.
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    Change in income baseline-endline

    Hello everyone, I have a dataset with personal monthly income at two time points, baseline and endline questionnaire, same people responding each time. Income is a categorical variable: 0-1,000, 1,000-2,000 etc. I can see that between baseline and endline, some respondents' incomes have...