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    Which analyzing technique?

    Im currently working on my thesis and I wonder which analysis technique to use. I have 2 dependent variables: voting choice (1 exwtreme left, 2left, 3middle,4 right,5extr right) and political participation devided into formal,informal,new participation and voting yes or no. So formal is on a...
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    Question about missing values in SPSS

    So in the picture below you see how it looks like in SPSS. Is it allright I use it like this in my analysis? Or should I consider something? Because the last scale you see, is one I computed using job insecurity and income together to indicate precarity. But for example if someone didnt fill...
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    How do I extract 1 country from a survey database?

    I am using the ESS which has data from several countries. I only want to have Belgium left and remove all other countries. How do I do this?
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    Do you like this measure for status inconsistency?

    For my thesis I have a variable named 'status inconsistency', so I want to compare people whose income or profession doesnt allign with their education. I am basing this on the ESS, and they have a couple of measures for this that I can use. So they have a question about how well they can...
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    How to compute this variable in SPSS?

    I want to compute 'status inconsistency' by having all respondents together with a higher degree + a job that doesnt require a higher degree. The variables: 1. JOB (yes(1) or no(2)): does your job require a higher education? 2. EDUC: Your highest education achievend So I gotta have JOB as 2...
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    How to interpret this multinomial logistic regression result?

    I done a multinomial logistic regressie for influence of income on voting right or left. Right-left is coded as a continuous as =0 extreme right and 10 extreme left And income = 1.hard to very hard to cope with income 2. can cope with it and 3. can...
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    Multinomial logistic regression categorial scale question

    I have data about political participation where respondents answers questions 7 (yes or no) that indicate some form of political participation. for example: did you contact a politican or government in the last12 months (1. yes I have created categories out of those 7 questions...
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    Creating index with a string

    So I want to create an index for activity level. We have the following variabeles (I translated a couple of things to english, tis originally in dutch): v18_1 I am a member of: Sportclub v18_2 Ik ben lid van een:Music school v18_3 Ik ben lid van een: Jeugdbeweging v18_4 Ik ben lid van...