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    Creating date variable from two separate variables

    Actually, Sukaldi, this is the SPSS forum. I'm not very good with syntax, but the following will accomplish what you need: COMPUTE NEW_VAR = DateVariableName + TimeVariableName. EXECUTE. Then go into the Variable View tab and select the new variable. Give it a new name, change the type to...
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    Need help to decide which statistical test to use

    I believe a two-way ANOVA would work in that case.
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    Scorecard logic for measuring performance of managers

    Then it sounds to me like you're describing is actually an efficiency rating -- yes? You could simply compare the average number of hours/days/weeks/etc. needed to complete each task successfully. If the tasks really are all equally difficult, then that would be an easy comparison that will make...
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    Scorecard logic for measuring performance of managers

    I guess I don't understand the question. Why do you not simply report each one as having an 80% on-time completion rate? (I assume in your real data they have different completion rates.)