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    Standard deviation of three producttypes

    Hi guys!. I need some statistics help here. I have three producttypes; Plates, spoons and mugs This is what i know Spoons: Mean = 565,87 Variance = 50677,28 Standard Deviation = 225,12 Correlation with plates= 0,8394 Correlation with mugs = 0,8271 Plates: Mean = 1806,83 Variance...
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    Probability, when i know the mean and std. dev

    Hi. I have a normal distribution, where the mean is 900.000 and the standard deviation is 150.000. The first question is, i need to find the probability that the value is under 500.000 in a given summer month, and i've got the result 0,38% with the help of a statistical software named JMP. The...