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    Sample Set size requirement - Boosted Decision Trees (gbm package) Models

    Is there any formal literature or generally accepted "Best Practices" for the sample set size needed to build a Boosted regression trees? I have a client with only 188 records and my only way so far to validate the results is to continuously test different subsample amounts of records and...
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    Class Distribution, Boosted Models (gbm) Probability Scores

    All, Problem: I need help to better understand the probability scores that come from the result of a decision tree model. Specifically, I'm using the gbm package from R to create Generalized Boosted Regression Models, but the results I see are common across various ensemble classification...
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    How to identify (x,y) values from plots

    Hi, I'm new with R and am using it within the program Alteryx. Specifically, I'm running a Forest model and am trying to interpret the "effect" of each important variable against my regressor individually. I see I can plot the points via the partialPlot() function. This is almost what I...