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    Iterating in R

    purrr is way too advanced for the task you described. But I'd also suggest using NA instead of a large indicator value for the recode value. You could do the recode on all columns you want simultaneously very easily using base R.
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    AIC in ARIMA

    As I've said in the chatroom a few times - AIC doesn't require nested models to just use it as a comparison value. The differencing matters because it fundamentally changes what you're modeling - not just what parameters you're using and how many. A quote from Rob Hyndman (link posted below)...
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    AIC in ARIMA

    Where does it say they are nested? They say exactly what they're doing and all the models use the same value for d. They don't say they're running an F test - just that they choose the model with the best AIC.
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    True. However I will personally destroy you if you guess incorrectly. Best of luck. Or else.
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    If you want to post the questions here that's fine. All we ask us to follow the common etiquite of posting a link to where you first asked the question.
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    AIC in ARIMA

    But if you're using different values for d then you're fundamentally changing what you're modeling and comparing doesn't make sense.
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    AIC in ARIMA

    Aic of course
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    Beta Regression?

    Can you tell us more about the dependent variable
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    normal distribution

    Thanks! I hope you stick around to help with more questions. I wouldn't be offended if the OP doesn't respond to a response to a year and a half old question though. But we still appreciate the input.
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    Genomic screen- Benjamini–Hochberg procedure

    I don't quite get what you're doing. What are you trying to get that p.adjust doesn't already provide?
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    sas function that works with date variables

    I don't actually trust you when you guarantee that those are dates.
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    How to interpret the odds ratio (exp(b)) with a continuous dependent variable?

    Logistic regression is a generalized linear model which uses the bernoulli distribution as the response family and the logit as the link function.
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    Using Apache Commons T Distribution cumulative probability to find p given DF and t Value

    All of your code is correct. I would offer a few suggestions though. You already have the getPLessThan and getPMoreThan functions - why not utilize those in your getPTwoTailed function instead of duplicating the logic? You can also take the absolute value of the tValue and just do...
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    Which statistical test do I use?

    Just to confirm - you have access to the raw data and not just the means right?