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    Google Home

    Does anybody else have a google home? My wife got me a home mini for Christmas. I've mainly just been using it to get a morning update, play music, and set timers (it's basically my Pomodoro timer). Was wondering if anybody else has one and does anything more interesting with it.
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    R package installation issues

    install.packages("qdap") If that doesn't work you'll need to provide more details. But the way it is right now it's almost like talking to a mechanic and just saying "yeah my car is broke - how do I fix it" without actually giving any relevant details.
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    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW

    Julien Baker - Appointments. Thanks NPR
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    Multiple regression case?

    Like instead of a column that has Feat1 that displays a1, a1, a3, a2, etc... you have columns for a1 which takes a value of 1 if feat1 was a1 in that row and 0 otherwise, a column for a2 which takes a value of 1 if feat1 was a2 in that row and 0 otherwise. So the columns a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 will...
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    Multiple regression case?

    You could just set up indicators essentially. So your "model" (really you don't need a statistical model if everything is exact but it doesn't hurt to think of it this way). \beta_{a1}a1 + \beta_{a2}a2 + \ldots + \beta_{b1}b1 + \ldots + \beta_{f4}f4 = FINAL - INITIAL If things really are...
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    Multiple regression case?

    So are you saying FINAL = INITIAL + Feat1 + Feat2 + Feat3 + Feat4 + Feat6 (is there any error involved in this at all or will the equality always hold?) and also Feat1 = a1 + a2 + a3 + a4 + a5 Feat2 = b1 + b2 + b3 + b4 + b5 (maybe + b6 or something - you don't specify if there are the same #...
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    testing the association between points and any of the points belonging to another set of point: am I approaching it correctly?

    I'm not exactly sure how you're using the results from the binomial distribution here. But you're able to calculate observed number of points and expected number of points based on the area percentages. If your question basically is if the observed points have the same distribution into...
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    Drawing balls without replacement

    Perfect. And that will give the same answer as the "correct" answer after reducing.
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    Drawing balls without replacement

    So how would you modify your answer to make it correct?
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    Drawing balls without replacement

    Hint: should you be really be *adding* here
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    Drawing balls without replacement

    Can you explain your logic. Because I think you have one misunderstanding that when corrected would let you use your logic to get the right answer.
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    function trows an error at first, but runs smoothly after being copy/pasted

    Is it not already on github? But really it's hard to diagnose anything without *any* code (especially without the code that is producing the error). So providing some example of what you're running into can only make it easier to diagnose.
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    function trows an error at first, but runs smoothly after being copy/pasted

    Please provide a reproducible example
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    making R computing large factorials

    Yeah you want pbinom.
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    3 x 4 design - which ANOVA?