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    Help with this easy exercise

    That's missing something
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    Double or combined propbability

    Also this just seems like a generic probability homework kind of question but it'd be interesting to see if there is some sort of interaction between the first/second serve probabilities based on how far ahead/behind in the game the player is.
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    Double or combined propbability

    BGM IS BACK?!?
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    Test Durbin Watson(error independence)

    What is the question
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    For a known variance, what mean maximizes Shannon enthalpy?

    If known variance is infinite it doesn't really make sense to use a normal distribution
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    Skewness and Kurtosis of a t-distribution

    The most hallowed of all distributions. The hole-y normal.
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    t-test vs. Wilcoxon-test

    A histogram would be nice to see. If we are looking at symmetric distributions then the t-test and wilcox test should give comparable results. But if there is extreme skew they might disagree. The t-test is a test of the mean. The wilcox test is a test of the median. In the skewed case...
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    Importing excel and graphing

    Well - anything that has an examples section in the documentation. And as long as the examples aren't surrounded in \dontrun tags. But yes - it's a nice way to see some examples of functions being used without having to copy/paste everything directly.
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    Importing excel and graphing

    First thing to note: you want to use airquality[, 1:4] and not airquality[, 0:4]. R is 1-indexed so you don't want to select the '0' column. In this case it gets ignored but you don't want to do it in general. The documentation for boxplot specifically says you can provide a vector of colors...
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    Importing excel and graphing

    I mean... Csvs open in Excel just fine
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    Importing excel and graphing

    If you don't need to export tables to multiple tabs you can always export as csv using write.csv fairly easily too.
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    Installing Rtools
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    X tilde

    Start with the statement about the average. Write out what it would mean to find the average of the Xtildes. Then replace Xtildes with their definition. See if you can combine any terms. Reminder that xbar = sum(xi)/n so xbar*n = sum(xi)
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    Get in the habit on including the output in full
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    WANTED: Rational Coronavirus Analysis

    Almost surely