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    Passing a function as an argument

    Hi all, I'm currently taking an online course on R on coursera. I'm at a point in the class where this concept is a little fuzzy to me. Can someone throw an example of this? I'm googling like mad, but comse of the tutorials are a little advanced. Thanks, Randy
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    r studio

    Hi all, I'm using R Studio ( I'm still a novice on R). I'm trying to run the basic data sets that come with the package like the mileage one plot(mtcars$disp, mtcars$mpg) I keep getting the error "error in, : figure margins too large" I think the window for my plots might...
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    Newbie from Sacramento

    Hi all, I'm the new guy on the forums. I have been "lurking" for a week or two and decided I should introduce myself. I'm a Econ major by training (go Sac State!), but the majority of my work involves Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Databases. I've been a "passive" user of R and the...