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    multiple cox regression with categorical variable

    -> Well, yes of course i defined it as categorical. -> Well, "multiple cox regression" would be correct then (I edited the original post - hope it's correct now).
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    multiple cox regression with categorical variable

    I performed multivariable cox regression. One variable is categorical with 3 potential values. Behind the reference category there is only a p-value but no hazard ratio. Is this p value kind of a global p-value for this variable? It is a bis complicated since one p-value for the non-reference...
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    What is is the meaning of this p-value ?

    i am trying to perform cox regression on survival data of tumor patients with the covariate "resection status". Patients had either biopsy (=0), partial resection(=1) or total resection of the tumor (=2). I have trouble understanding the following: "total resection" (=2) is the reference value...