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    How to choose the best statistical analysis

    There are a couple of things that are important to consider here, and they're based in a couple of questions you should ask yourself as well as some considerations. Most of these questions/considerations could be answered by understanding the specifics of your analyses (i.e: what is your actual...
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    third variable problem?

    I think about sentential logic with problems like these. Basically a bunch of "if...then" and statements like that. What you're looking for is a contradiction or gap in the logic, especially when it concerns A and X together. You can skip past the numbered steps if you don't really care how I...
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    All items missing for various questionnaires

    I think that there's a lot to unpack here, since you didn't give much information as to what you are planning on doing with the data. As such, I'll just have to speak generally about your situation/data as a whole, and I'm assuming that you will be working with 3+ variables at a time...