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    Calculating and plotting standardized residuals from a model in python

    I am looking for a way to calculate the standardized residuals for a given set of data and then plot the standardized residual plots. I do not know how to do this with numpy. I have tried coding the formula myself but each time I get an error that I cannot convert the array to a scalar. I wonder...
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    Predicting and correlating categorical variables

    I know what to do when I want to predict and find out correlation between two numerical variables. But I have a problem with categorical variables. Say I have a response variable, categorical, with three values: yes, no, and maybe, and then a numerical variable, say age. What measures do I use...
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    How to interprete two way anova result [closed]

    I resolved it. There was interaction
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    How to interprete two way anova result [closed]

    I was doing a two way anova where factor a, the managers, have three levels, and factor b, training or no training received (i.e two levels). When I did the f statistic for the interaction between the factors I got the answer that there is no interaction between the factors. How do you interpret...
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    Journals statisticians read

    Thanks for that pointer. I will look out for them this time around. Kills two birds with one stone.
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    Journals statisticians read

    I am unemployed right now, so I don't have a specific field in mine except that I am enrolled in a data science course. I would want to use the readings to make myself relevant with the stats aspect. Just give me a journal that would serve general purposes for both students and professionals.
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    Journals statisticians read

    I want to apply it to data analysis and data science.
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    Journals statisticians read

    Hi. I learned statistics on self-study and really am enthusiastic about the subject. I want to increase my knowledge by reading journal articles written by practitioners. Can anyone refer me to at least one journal that I can reference that will increase my knowledge? Thanks
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    Probability of two players

    Assuming what you gave is the only data we can use and that both players are independent, then just use the product of their probabilities. P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B) But if there are other facts you have to reveal, then the product of their probabilities will be of no use.
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    Probability of events not in use from pmf

    I have this question in a textbook I am reading and I am frustrated in how to answer it. A mail order telephone business has 6 telephone lines. Let X = the number of lines in use at a specified time. suppose the probability mass function, pmf, of X is given in the following table: x | p(x) 0...