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    Examining leakage/move of cases between two cluster analysis solutions

    Hello! I am looking for the right type of analysis for the following issue. I have conducted two different types of cluster analysis on the same sample and variables. Inevitably, some cases have moved from the one cluster to the other. HOW can I observe this differences? Namely, three people...
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    How to standardise scale variables with different ranges?

    Hello! I have some variables which are scale but their limits vary. Namely, the one has range from 1 to 30, the other from 2 to 5, and so on. Is there any way to tranform them (or recompute them) in such a way that they will be standardised and will all have the same range? :confused:
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    Help in running package "psych"

    Hello! I need your help to run the package "psych" I download it but when I run > install.packages("psych") I get a message > install.packages("psych") The downloaded packages are in '/tmp/Rtmpry2wCg/downloaded_packages' It does not let me extract it either. :mad: Also, does anyone...
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    Correlation matrix pinted into table. How?

    I need to create a "decent" correlation matrix; the output of the R is really ugly and not easy to follow What are my choices? How can I export the output into a simple table? Also, I found on the net this beautiful correlation matrix at...
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    Help in installing FactorMineR

    Hello all! I was using SPSS for factor analysis and now I will have to start using R. My problems is that I cannot install the FactorMineR package. Anyone out there who has succeeded? I followed the guidelines shown here but R freezes and I get a message that the...