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    Regression coefficient and SE = 0

    ... and show us the result.
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    Regression coefficient and SE = 0

    Plot the data, y versus x
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    Pearson r value

    Yes! (I think that was my shortest answer ever.)
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    Help with my research project

    I just want to say that I agree.
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    Continous (Ordinal) Outcome with Middle Group as Target

    So they prefer values in the range 11 - 20? Does this also mean that they maybe prefer a single value like 15? Then they could use a quadratic loss function like: (y-15)^2. That would mean that deviations from 15 would be penalized more. Do they have explanatory variables that could help...
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    Which non-parametric test to choose?

    No. The groups A and B were treated indepndently, were they not?
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    My data does not follow a normal distribution, but Mann Whitney U test gives me a p-value of 0.935?

    It means that it was not statistically significant. What were the means and standard deviations when you did a t-test?
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    How to count mean

    Did you ask me? :) I have seen a standard method is to take the middle of the interval but I don’t remember how to treat the open interval (the 5+ interval). I was (like Dason) thinking about using the censored Poisson distribution. But maybe it does not fit.
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    Very low Pearson correlation but significant , should I report it?

    Yes, present them. The correlation coefficient is not an "index of quality". Correlations are not "good" or "bad". Nature and society is what it is. Report the finding.
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    Logistic Regression Interpretation help

    I can't see any problem with Spearman's rho.
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    Logistic Regression Interpretation help

    What about Spearman's correlation?
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    Constrained design of experiments

    Skip an other level of the three levels and you will have just two levels. That is your two factor experiment is redused to one factor. To do factorial experiments is to do compromises. You can't get everything.
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    Permutation test with skewed data

    I am sorry but I don't understand exactly what Obh mean. My point was that when two data sets have different "spread" (but the same mean) then the WMW does not have the promised quality of an error rate of 0.05. The error rate will be larger. And I believe that most people interpret a...
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    Don't understand the meaning of ''training a dataset''

    The "training" is just to estimate some parameters.
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    Two-way ANOVA or one-way ANOVA for time-course experiment with different drugs?

    To me it looks like one way anova with repeated measures. Search for it. Here is one example.