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    it's been a while ... help choosing correct test

    How can Chi² be suggested when no explicit response (dependent variable) is stated? No dependent variable is explicitly stated, no research question is stated, no independent variables are explicitly stated. Plus the sample size is also 1? How can any meaningful statistical analysis be done...
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    it's been a while ... help choosing correct test

    ? Didn't the individual visit ~48% less often in the shorter period ((6.25/7) - (6.5/14)) / (6.25/7).
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    it's been a while ... help choosing correct test

    Hey, what's the research question?
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    Best software for organizing journal articles?

    Has anybody used Readcube Papers? It's a few pounds a month, looks like a nice interface, if you have used it and Mendeley, does the Papers Google plugin pick up PDFs from web pages more frequently than Mendeley's?
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    [Q] How to analyze a variable that can be both quantitative and qualitative?

    ANOVA is not used to test discrete (non-continuous ('i.e. Never, More time)) dependent variables. A generalised linear model (e.g. binomial / multinomial) may be worth considering for discrete dependent variables. I'm not familiar with a model that will output both continuous and discrete...
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    Robust standard errors

    Based on that, the link seems like a good post, with considerations of when and when not to consider robust standard errors:
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    What is the most appropriate statistical procedure?

    As hlsmith suggests, there may be a higher likelihood of model considerations / suggestions if you post an example of the data
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    Robust standard errors

    Cheers Robbbbbbb
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    What is the most appropriate statistical procedure?

    How all of the parts you just described fit together, to make a clear research question, is still unclear, to me. To make it really simple, with one dependent variable, are you asking Which variable(s) from gender, income, educational institution and age explain more of the variance of the...
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    Robust standard errors

    Hey, does anyone recommend a good, concise source with clear examples of robust standard errors, and the code snippet for an R function?; any basic model as an example is Ok initially cheers
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    What is the most appropriate statistical procedure?

    Agreed. Asked another way, What options did Attitudes towards an issue have?
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    ANOVA on three columns?

    Hey, I like the way the data has been presented. I notice there's lots of alpha and no mention of power (1 - beta); worth considering with alpha a-priori for sample size estimates, and post hoc to analyse closer differences like between groups one and two. i.e., the long-run likelihood of...
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    Paired samples - Odds ratio and confidence interval

    Hey, the first link below might be of interest for you generally, for pretest posttest modelling:
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    How do I know if I can use other researcher's measurements or scales for free?

    Espacenet is a patent search tool that may help if a patent has expired or not
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    How to interpret GLM Output

    If it's modelling for the 'probability of mortality' from deaths from a known number of initially living cases it's dist = binomial, as I understand it. If it is mortality out of a known number of pre-living cases, why would one use Poisson distribution in logodds instead of binomial distribution?