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    randomized crossover design: combining session conditions

    Session conditions are the different products that were given at each session for participants to sample. We had four periods and four treatments with a washout period between each time period. There were 20 product sequences that a participant was randomly assigned to. Our primary outcomes are...
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    randomized crossover design: combining session conditions

    I am trying to figure out the appropriate method of collapsing two of four session conditions for a randomized crossover trial. We had four session conditions (a, b, c, d) and unfortunately discovered that the same condition was provided twice and we technically only have three unique session...
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    Calculating sample size for exploratory model including moderators for repeated measures study

    I have been researching ways to calculate the necessary sample size to detect moderators - gender (2 levels) and education (3 levels). The study has two primary groups with 6 repeated measures. The primary outcome of interest is test score. We want to include gender and education in the model...