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    Forecasting with stochastic trends and unit roots

    I'm dealing with a set of data with a unit root and a stochastic trend for class and am trying to make a forecast. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Interpretation of an equation

    I'm using panel data in R and have been using this formula: plm(log(Y)~log(X4)+X2+X3+X1| .+log(X5) +log(X4) I've found that as long as I have a . and a +/-/* the formula works but if I don't it gives me an error message. I need to know exactly why this is and make sure that I'm not...
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    Best Model to use with Panel data for Trade Agreement

    I'm using panel data to examine the effects of a trade agreement. I have 9 data points for each country I'm examining. The trade agreement is for a specific region so the factors I'm using include region, if they are in the trade agreement and change in other industries. I'm using R so if...
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    Using instrumental variables to measure trade policy effects

    I'm an undergrad econ student trying to use R for the first time and I'm quite confused as to which script I should use and how to use it. I'm studying the effects of AGOA(African Growth and Opportunity Act) on textile exports of a nation and as such I've been trying to use three types of...