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    Looking for contributors to join our team

    Hi everyone, I hope you find this post useful. Recently we developed a website DataScience+ to share some R tutorials with other R users. We are a small team and we are looking for other R enthusiast to join our team. If you use R for data science and research please sent us an email we...
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    How to calculate Age-adjusted means?

    Hi, Im interested to know how to calculate age adjusted means. I know that i have to build a regression model which is adjusted by age, but after i dont have anu clue. Appreciate if someone gives an idea.
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    Multiple imputation

    Hi everybody, Im trying to do multiple imputation with mice and mi package. But im getting errors, and never completed. Which package you guys use? Can you please share a link when i can learn to do it correctly? I used multiple a lot with SPSS which is simple, but now i want to use R...
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    Pooled estimates hazard ratio

    Hi, I builded a database with SPSS, and I used multiple imputation to impute missing data. Now I imported this database in R and trying to do further analysis. Issue is that R doesn't know that is multiple imputed dataframe (5x), and get it as 1 data frame. I get wrong estimates and no...