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    Binary Logistic Regression

    Hi all, I am trying to conduct a logistic regression in SPSS to ascertain whether males are more likely to be non-completers of my intervention relative to females. I am struggling to understand the regression output. In this case, completers have been coded as 0 and non-completers have been...
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    AIC and BIC values

    What would be considered a small sample do you know? My N for this sample is 201, would that be considered small?
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    AIC and BIC values

    Hi all, I am running two models which both fit well. Thus, I am looking at the AIC and BIC values. I ran my analyses through Mplus and my AIC and BIC for Model 1 are 5297.428 and 5346.977 respectively. They appear to be higher for Model 2 at 5386.379 and 5435.929. Would I report each of these...