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    Gaussian process and Gaussian regression

    Hello, I have some problem understing the Gaussian regression and the way it works. Could you please explain to me some things? The first thing I don't understand is why this regression does it use the joint/multivariate probability to get new value of the Y? The...
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    Difference between Mann-Kendall and Pearsons Correlation to obtain p-value

    before to make the linear regression why haven't you calculated the pearson index? It would have been wise to calculate the pearson index BEFORE the linear regression
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    How can be used time series in sport?

    Why don't use a regression model instead of time series analisy?
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    How can be used time series in sport?

    Hello, noob here in statistics. How can be time series be useful to sport stats modelling? Let's take as an examplem footbal
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    What is the difference between sample algorithms and algoritms for estimating parameters?

    I have red this in the website: MCMC is a family of sampling algorithms, which means given a distribution, these algorithms return samples according to this distribution. Many problem, bayesian posterior inference for instance, require you compute the posterior distribution P(θ|D), most of...
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    Before to making a regression

    ''However, with large sample size and a larger average counts,'' What do you mean with ''large average counts'' ? sorry not native-english... Can you make an example? Also ''many say around 8 or larger, the Poisson begins to approximate a normal distribution and a linear model can be...
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    Weighted avearge mean

    Hello here is my problem. I am analizying some tennis matches, and I am able to see the highest odd (bookmaker's odd) reached by that tennis player in N-matches (N is number of matches) Then I take all the highest odds reached by that tennis player during his N-matches , and...
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    Before to making a regression

    Hello I want to ask you, before to making a regression should we understand which distribution follow the datas? Let's take an example: if the data have a poisson distribution, then I will run a Poisson regression? If the data follow a gaussian then one should use...
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    Density probability function considering a subinterval which have different probabilities

    Thanks I don't get it what is F(b) and what is F(a)... sorry.... How do I integrate PDF from a to b? Sorry could you make an example? How could I calculate it numerically?
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    Density probability function considering a subinterval which have different probabilities

    Let's suppose the area was not a rectangular, but a gaussian normal distribution with a mean, a standard deviationetc. How to calculate the odds in that case?
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    Standardization of a variable

    Example I saw this discussion: This guy asked to stack exange: (My personal question which I would ask to you, are Question n1 and Question n2) '' Hello...
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    Don't understand the meaning of ''training a dataset''

    Hi, I have a set of data. Those data are based on data mining from my website. I have the number of users per month who go to my website ( X ) , and the time they spent on the website on each webpage ( y ) . Now with this dataset as an example, could you...
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    Standardization of a variable

    Hello, before making a linear regression, how can I know if I have to standardize a variable?
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    analisy of residual

    Hi, after a regression is necessary to make an analisy of residuals to know if the model were accurate? ù Noob here, could you explaine me please, why you could do an analisy of residuals and for which purpose does it serve?
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    Bernoulli distribution

    Thank you, with a Bayesian type of ''prior'' what should I assume? shoud I set as a ''prior'' probability (computed by my personal tought)? sorry if this is a terrible question, I am new