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    Most appropriate tests for variables?

    Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some guidance around test selection for variables. My dependent variable is categorical (yes/no), and I have three independent categorical variables, two are ordinal (age and a grading) and one is nominal (ethnicity). Is there a test that is most appropriate for...
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    Participant exclusion and participant agreement

    For those excluded in a study, if participants are unwilling to participate, they would be deemed not being in agreement to participate, however if participants are unresponsive after screening and are excluded because of this, is this considered not agreeing to participate, even though they...
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    Adjusting for baseline characteristics

    Thanks very much. I thought I would double check, and it certainly is! Well spotted :)
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    Adjusting for baseline characteristics

    Hi all, This is probably a simple question, but when an article mentions regression models were applied while adjusting for baseline characteristics such as sex, age, income etc, can I confirm baseline characteristics mean confounders, i.e regression models were applied to adjust for confounders?