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    randomization and nested designs

    This looks good to me.
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    [Minitab] - how to write a custom hypothesis not found in menu system

    You should be able to set up each contrast in its own column (like the first contrast) then use these contrasts as variables in GLM.
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    randomization and nested designs

    Minitab does use Yates standard order. Your order is the reverse of Yates. I understand why as it makes organizational sense, but is not Yates.
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    [Minitab] - how to write a custom hypothesis not found in menu system

    The two tests control for the family-wise error rate in different ways in addition to making different comparisons. Fisher's test provides less protection for family-wise errors.
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    Can I exclude outliers when calculating mean or standard deviation (small-sample)?

    If you know a specific reason for an outlier, such as it being a measurement error, data entry error, or non-representative sample, it is acceptable to remove the outlier. However, if the reason is unknown, it is unwise to remove the outlier. It is better to move to using robust statistics and...
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    randomization and nested designs

    To be sure I understand, you are assigning 8 different pieces of equipment to the 4 combinations of A & B (2 pieces of equipment per combination) for the first replicate then reassigning the same 8 pieces of equipment to a different combination for a second replicate?
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    randomization and nested designs

    Can you elaborate on the nesting? What causes factor C to be nested and how is it nested within multiple factors? Q2: While there may be an exception, I would say no. You block to remove the effect of an undesired noise variable to make your test more powerful. You are not really interested...
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    [Minitab] - how to write a custom hypothesis not found in menu system

    My knowledge of contrasts is rusty and my reference materials are unfortunately out of reach due to COVID-19, so I am working entirely from memory. Try adding a worksheet column called "Contrast", and enter your desired contrast vector in that column. Run the ANOVA, but use "Contrast" as the...
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    Controlling the influence of variation in a factor

    Typically, variables for which you want to control, but are not of specific interest are handled through blocking or as covariates, not by including them as a variable. In addition, ANOVA assumes that all variables are held at specific levels. I doubt that depth will conveniently occur at...
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    Chi-Square test Qs

    Overall, your answers are very good. The only gap that I noticed was that one assumption for the Chi-square test is a minimum cell count of 5.
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    [Minitab] - how to write a custom hypothesis not found in menu system

    I think this is what you wanted. First, I duplicated your results in GLM to confirm that I understood your design. What you have is a simple 1-way ANOVA. I ran the 1-way ANOVA in Minitab and used Dunnett's multiple comparisons with a control test to provide your desired contrasts.
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    [Minitab] - how to write a custom hypothesis not found in menu system

    Please explain your hypothesis clearly. I am a Minitab user and am proficient with GLM in Minitab, but I have no idea what you want to do.
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    Rules of thumb with normal and non-normal distributions

    This rule of thumb is vastly oversimplified and is only true in a few simple cases. While it is true that count data is technically not normally distributed (it follows the Poisson distribution), it can be treated as if it were approximately normally distributed when the counts are larger...
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    How to approach my data?

    How do you want to treat Virtuality, as noise to be controlled for, or as a variable of interest? Using ANCOVA on a covariate is conceptually the same as blocking. It is used to pull the variation due to noise out of the model to make a more powerful test. ANCOVA will treat Virtuality as...
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    Pls help me ....

    You may want to consider using a Bland-Altman plot.