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    Statistical Validation of a Labelling Method

    Are these categories nominal or ordinal in nature? If nominal try Fleiss' Kappa. If ordinal, use Kendall rank correlation coefficient. A minimum of 50 samples Pick a policy, then select samples that both pass the policy and fail the policy
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    Group has lower overall % despite winning each category of %'s

    This is known as Simpson's Paradox.
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    How to deal with observations error in linear regression

    I think they are referring to errors in variables regression. Specifically, error in the independent measure.
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    Vector Autoregressive Models

    I thought I would throw this in from a course I teach in problem solving. There should be some overlap in statistics. Three rules of causality: A correlation or association exists between the hypothesized cause and the effect Cause must precede effect in time The mechanism linking cause to...
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    Histograms Reveal Potential Problem

    Can you use nonparametric counterparts such as median, confidence interval for the median, quartiles, etc.?
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    Unusual distribution of the continuous outcome

    It appears there are 4 major groupings. Would it make sense to perform a cluster analysis of the HCPCS codes into 4 clusters then treat these clusters as an indicator variable in your regression? Would the results be interpretable?
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    Unusual distribution of the continuous outcome

    This looks more like a mixture of different groups, which should not be transformed, but further investigated.
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    Interpreting a hierarchical cluster analysis using dendrogram

    Each clustering method has its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Wards method tends to form clusters with similar numbers in each cluster. This may or may not make sense in your particular situation. Regarding the number of clusters, this is a judgment call. You can visually...
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    Google Home

    I got one for Christmas. I am using it for pretty much the same stuff. I ask it about the day's weather. If you have Chromecast, you can tell it to start casting a show from Netflix or YouTube.
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    Multiple regression case?

    Monte Carlo simulation would definitely be an option.
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    Sample size - one group study

    You did not mention the type of test you intend to perform, so here is a calculator for a 1-sample t-test.
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    How's the new look?

    Are there plans to add the link to Statsblog back? Or have I missed it?