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    Controlling for baseline differences?

    Actually this is done in relation to a meta-analysis I am struggling to figure out. Most of the included studies report data for the following: Workers: Pre and post levels of depression Retirees: Pre and post levels of depression I have noticed though, that the groups differ significantly at...
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    Controlling for baseline differences?

    I am comparing two groups, with data before and after retirement, to see the effect retirement has on depression levels. The control group works over the two measurement points, and the retirees group works at baseline and retires at post. Let's say I have the mean, SD and sample size of each...
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    Meta-analysis and longitudinal studies with baseline differences across two groups.

    I have a question on what meta-analysis is best when aggregating means using non-randomized longitudinal data with a control group that significantly differs from the active group at baseline. The outcome in question is depression, and the question is whether depression scores soar or fall in...