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    After performing an ANOVA, if it fails to reject H0 how we re-arrange the model?

    The goal of an analysis isn’t to “make it significant,” I agree with @Buckeye that you should report it as is. If the omnibus test isn’t significant then that’s what you’re left with.
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    Multiple Regression

    Sorry, it wasn't clear to me: which single variable are you trying to predict? Also, yes, sorry I wasn't clear-- as @GretaGarbo said, the signs of coefficients within a model (pos/neg) do not restrict you from using the model. As far as graphing a multiple regression, you can absolutely do...
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    How to argument for non-significant results

    In general, post-hoc power/sample size calculations are only valuable for helping plan a future study. In the current study, it adds no new information as the post-hoc power calculation is just a transformation of the p-value. You are also correct that you can't use p-values or CIs to argue...
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    Multiple Regression

    Which is the outcome/dependent variable (what are you trying to predict)? How is it measured? What variables do you think help explain/predict/influence that outcome variable? How are they each measured? What is your sample size? Multiple regression may be a reasonable option, but knowing...
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    Standard deviation 0

    how many people were in the group? I just meant you could cay all participants rated Item A as 5/7.
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    Standard deviation 0

    So you are saying you have some variable you wish to analyze for a specific question, but every single recorded value is the same? Was this by design or were participants able to choose something different (what was the range of choices?)? Without variability the best you could do would be to...
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    Help identi

    I wonder if this somewhat mimics a multimodal pattern based on the traffic each day of the week and variation in the incubation period before symptoms present with a decreasing intensity as the source is identified and cleaned? Lots of specific claims but just a thought...
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    read.csv adds weird character to my first column header

    That makes sense. Thanks. I'm not very versed in coding. Anything I've done in SAS I just keep a log of my code and the output it generates and store that in a Word file for reference if needed. Probably not the best. I'll try to think about that in the future.
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    read.csv adds weird character to my first column header

    Thank you! 1) Why don't you like the "file.choose()" option? 2) What do you mean "file is UTF-8 encoding and against recommendation whatever..." what does the emboldened text mean? Is it against recommendation to us UTF-8?
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    read.csv adds weird character to my first column header

    New one-off question: I am trying to learn importing data with R. I am following Mike Marin's Youtube lectures. I saved his excel sheet as .csv and tried the read.csv command, and everything seems to go well. I am totally new to R, essentially. When I try to view the data, the console shows a...
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    Multinomial Logistic Regression - when to exclude predictor

    My mistake, I accidentally left off "un-" in "unordered" DV. I corrected my post. If X3 goes against theory, there isn't strong evidence it's a predictor, but I would otherwise leave X3 in the model. I see the connection that you were making with my other comment on a dummy variable. Since the...
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    Dose Response Curve (log logistic regression)

    I would look at Agresti's Categorical Data Analysis 3rd edition (978-0470463635). Chapter 8 discussed cumulative logit proportional odds (example 8.2.4 "Happiness") and continuation-ratio logit (example 8.3.7 "developmental toxicity") and these may be useful for you to look at depending on the...
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    Multinomial Logistic Regression - when to exclude predictor

    My example before, if I recall, was for an independent variable with 3 levels and k-1= 2 dummy variables (and not removing a dummy because one was non-significant on an individual test). In any case, let's clarify: you're saying Y (a,b, or c) is an unordered variate that you suspect is a...
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    Book Review - Essentials of Bio statistics: An overview with the help of software

    Since there is no way for us to actually view any of the book, this seems more like an advertisement?
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    Finding E((x-a)^2)

    Is a symbolic of a constant (the same number) subtracted from each X value or is a another RV?