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    relationship between correlation and average

    After reading your post it made realize that the problem, as I posted it, is ill-conceived and allows for a variety of trivial solutions. For instance, take two standard normal random variables and add a positive constant (say 2 for argument's sake). They are both positively correlated and one...
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    relationship between correlation and average

    Ok, I'll bite now because this thread is starting to get interesting. For a bivariate distribution (let's keep it simple), under which assumptions might one be able to claim that a positive correlation implies a larger mean in one marginal than the other? The bivariate normal is obviously out...
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    Linear regression heteroscedasticity

    This is a good article with examples and solutions to use in R and SPSS:
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    relationship between correlation and average

    No. Without more information about the data, nothing can be inferred about the correlation and the averages.
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    What is the difference between Principal Component Factor (PCF), Factor Analysis (FA) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA)?

    Can you point on where in the STATA documentation they describe these models? I recognize a few but (with the exception of PCA) those acronyms are meaningless to anyone who doesn't use STATA. We need to know how STATA defines the models to tell the difference.
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    Hayes Process V3.3 Model 89 in SPSS V25

    Mediation models like yours are very, VERY specific to subfields within the social sciences. It's usually hard to get help for those models unless you work with someone who specializes on them because almost nobody outside of those subfields uses them or is familiar with them. Have you tried to...
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    Appropriateness of using ANOVA on PC-scores (PCA)

    The most immediate reason of why this is a suboptimal approach is because your PCA scores are estimated from the data. These are datapoints that you didn't collect and observe so by treating them as just another collection of data points you underestimate the true uncertainty associated with...
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    Thanks for being a part of our little corner of the internet and welcome!
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    I think this could be of assistance
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    The Lights of Heavens

    Well, it is difficult to make a claim as general as "The stars, planets and constellations were given much the same names and meanings by different civilizations over 5000 years ago." and not be incorrect in a few instances. A dramatic example might be in how Lucifer became associated with...
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    Daughter needs stats help on two questions for college and I have no clue what to do...

    This seems very relevant to your question.
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    Long live SAS

    SPSS is the worst. Ever since it started shifting its focus away from the social sciences and into data science, it has become insufferable.
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    Long live SAS

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    Guilty Pleasure Movies

    Ok, I'll bite: Twilight (but only the 1st one, don't hate me). And... the 1st Scary Movie (but ONLY the 1st one). @hlsmith Donnie Darko was good! @Dason you should feel bad for starting this thread.
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    FTW = For The Win