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    significant variable within a non-significant model/block in hierarchical regression

    Greetings. I'm conducting a hierarchical (aka sequential) regression analysis with four blocks of variables. Block 1 consists of 5 covariates. Sex is one of these covariates, with the following breakdown: males (n = 213), females (15). Block 1 is not significant (R square = .04), though the...
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    multiple imputation and nested/hierarchical regression

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can conduct a nested/sequential/hierarchical regression using multiply imputed datasets in R or Stata? In Stata, I tried using nestreg but received an error message stating that was not possible. Many thanks for the help.
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    hierarchical regression with different DV for each block?

    Greetings. I'm trying to figure out how to do a hierarchical regression whereby the DV regressed on block 1 becomes the IV in block 2, which then has a different DV. That DV then becomes the IV in block 3, at which point the final DV is in place. It'd look something like this: Block 1...