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    simulating data for factor analysis

    Hi I was wondering if any one can recommend a book or website that explains step by step how to simulate for factor analysis I manged to find few sources online like this one However It was too complicated for me any recommendations?
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    Skewness coefficients

    Thank you for the help, I found what I was looking for
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    Display equation to predict z-scores

    I am trying to formulate prediction equations for normal lung function. The most suitable model has BCPE distribution As shown below summary(bcpe) ****************************************************************** Family: c("BCPE", "Box-Cox Power Exponential") Call: gamlss(formula = fevfvc ~...
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    Skewness coefficients

    how to determine standard error of the estimate of this model please > summary(mm.nofvc) ****************************************************************** Family: c("NO", "Normal") Call: gamlss(formula = fvc ~ log(height) + pb(log(age)), sigma.formula = ~pb(log(age)), family =...
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    Skewness coefficients

    So there is no skewness coefficients right? Another question please, how to display standard error of the estimate of the model?
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    Skewness coefficients

    Hi I'm using Gamlss to formulate prediction equations. The problem I am facing is that when the model is normally distributed I can't obtain the skewness coefficients when I use the summary command. How can I get the L or skewness coeffecients. I need them to calculate z score Sorry if my...