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    Regression with no intercept - VIF

    What is the less problematic/"common practice" way to calculate the VIF when using the no intercept model? How do you interpret the results in this case? What VIF value is suspicious for multicollinearity? What VIF value is dependently multicollinearity...
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    Regression with no intercept - null assumption for

    Hi, In linear regression: H1: y = b0+b1x H0 y = b0 In linear regression with no intercept: H1: y = b1x What is the null assumption? H0: y = 0 or H0: y = b0?
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    Confidence interval - why not porbability

    Wikipedia: "the confidence level represents the frequency (i.e. the proportion) of possible confidence intervals that contain the true value of the unknown population parameter" Some say the following is incorrect: The chance that the true population value is in the confidence interval is the...