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    Which SPSS function to use?

    Hi, I have to do a pooled time-series cross section analysis in SPSS. I have grouped countries into clusters (the clusters represent different systems of industrial relations) and now I have to compare these clusters and their effect on the outcomes (different aspects of labor market...
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    Replace missing values

    Hi, Is it possible to give in the number of decimals when using a command like Series Mean or Trend? For example that the series mean results in a number with 2 decimals, just like the original variable. Eva
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    Round variables

    Hi, I'm looking for a function of formula in SPSS to round a scale variable to a number with 3 decimals. How can I do this? Eva
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    replace missings: series mean

    Hi, I used the series mean to replace missing values (the mean was 1). However, know I have for the variable the following values when using frequencies/descriptives (0, 1, 1, 2). The series mean for the variable is used as an seperate value instead of added to the already existing value 1. How...
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    If command

    Hi, I want to change a variable into <0 becomes 0 with the if command. However, when I use IF VARNAME <0 VARNAME = 0, I only get to see the 0's. How can I change this so I see the 0's, but also the positive numbers higher then 0? Eva
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    Hi, When I use the RMV / TREND command in SPSS, it's at a certain point going in a negative direction (below 0). However, in theory that can't be possible for that variable. Is there a way to use the TREND command but prevend it from going below the 0 point? Eva
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    Lineair interpolation when using a filter

    Hi, I want to replace missing values by lineair interpolation. My cases are a combination of a country and a year (Austria 1990, Austria 1991, et cetera). In order to prevent that a missing value is calculated bij the value of another country and the intended country I want to do the lineair...
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    Upload data which is not in spss format

    Hi, I need to upload a dataset in spss. The table consists of the data of variable X by year and country. However in the excel table, the countries are mentioned in a column on the left, while the headers for year are in the first row. How can I upload this in the right way in spss? Best, Eva
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    Change point into komma

    Hi, I need to download data in a predefined SPSS format from a website. However, when the data is loaded in SPSS periods are used instead of commas before the decimals. How can I change these periods into comma's in SPSS? Best, Eva
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    combine country + year

    Hi, I need to combine a numeric variable (year) with a string variable (country). How can I make one variable of these both in spss?
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    Merge data based on two duplicates

    Hi, I have some troubles with merging two datasets together in SPSS. Both datasets contain country, year, and some other variables (these other variables differ between both datasets). It are all country level variables. The amount of cases differs between both datasets (some countries are...