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  1. TheEcologist

    Regression 2

    Dear Gienki, It would help if you read the posting guidelines. TE
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    What if you try to install a package and nothing happens....

    @noetsi are you using an IDE like Rstudio? That may help when you're still learning R.
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    Valid use of regression

    Sounds like you want to look at a GLM (binomial), if your DV has 1 (close) or 0 (not). Second, all regressions assume that the predictor variables are uncorrelated - otherwise you run into issues of collinearity. Does this help?
  4. TheEcologist

    Non-parametric alternative to Two-way repeated measures ANOVA

    First of all the "data" don't need to be normally distributed. The residuals of the fitted ANOVA should be. This is a very common misconception; (Williams et al 2013). So if the RESIDUALS are skewed, only then do you have a problem. Other than that you...
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    What does Python offer that R can't?

    To me it's more a question of which field you are, R is super for academia and when you need sophisticated analysis and a community of support that basically all are academics doing science. Python is a full fledged programming language so it is much broader and the community is much much...
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    gregexpr negative numbers and decimals

    Dear Bots, Raptors and Humans, I've got a little issue, I'm extracting numbers from strings with the following code: textstring<-c("the limits are -100 to 100") match<- gregexpr('[0-9]+',textstring) limits <- regmatches(textstring,match) Which works file however it does not...
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    [TS EDITOR WARS] General thread for recommendations, discussion and tips on editors.

    Code editors. Any serious programmer has his or her favorite. Some just use notepad, others go full feature like eclipse, some like it fancy (sublime text), others like it simple (gedit) while a few even go so far as to prefer ancient editors like Emacs and Vim.. What's your (current) editor...
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    [FAQ] How to code nicely

    This section is meant to give some general help, as proper coding is vital to good science practice. There are many of types of errors and inefficiency stemming from programming style (Kernighan & Plauger 1978). These bad practices are prolific and have even lead to retraction of publications...
  9. TheEcologist

    [FAQ] What are independent / dependent variables?

    Variables A variable is an object, event, quantity, time period or basically something you are trying to measure. We can then further discriminate between two types of variables: independent and dependent. Independent variables An independent variable is exactly what it sounds like, it isn't...
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    [LaTeX] Removing space after \include statement

    Hee TS, So I integrate my tex documents with R without Sweave cause Sweave really really really doesn't make your documents any easier to read... also you really don't need it to have it's functionality - so I would love a sweave free solution. So here is an example document...
  11. TheEcologist

    [R Graphics] Beautiful graphics thread

    Hi Everyone, I thought I might start a thread which showcases the graphics abilities of R. I'll start it off with one I just made. This thread was also inspired by bg and trinker claiming that this could never be done in R. Of course it can you just won't be able 1) to showcase it in R but it...
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    Statistical quote of the day

    25 October 2011 "If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything" - Ronald Coase
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    [F.A.Q.] list of questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Which statistics book should I get? How do I remove or deal with outliers? Why am I getting negative A.I.C. scores? Which statistical package is best? What test should I use? What are independent / dependent variables? How to code nicely What...
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    [FAQ] Which statistics book should I get?

    Which statistics books should I get? Many of our members have there own favorite statistics books, but the best choice for you depends on your skill and interests. Here is a selection of books recommended by our members. “Biometry by Sokal and Roff “ - bugman, bugman is an ecologist...
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    [FAQ] How do I remove or deal with outliers?

    How do I remove or deal with outliers? Removing outliers can cause your data to become more normal but contrary to what is sometimes perceived, outlier removal is subjective, there is no real objective way of removing outliers. The problem, as always, is what the heck does one mean by...
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    [FAQ] Why am I getting negative A.I.C. scores?

    Why am I getting negative A.I.C. scores? It is correct that negative A.I.C. sent up red flags for you as it may tell you that something went wrong in your analysis - as logically log-likelihoods (or AICs) cant really be negative, well at least, not theoretically or 'technically speaking'. In...
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    [FAQ] What statistical package is best?

    What statistical package is best? Unfortunately, there is no simple objective answer to this question. It all depends on your needs, skills and budget. There is a great Wikipedia page that gives you allot of information here and some good discussions on our forum. If you're still having...
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    [FAQ] Which test should I use?

    This is often a dramatically difficult task for those who have little experience in statistics. Luckily there are some good online resources to help you choose. A quick general overview can be found here and here(link supplied by bukharin). Here is a great resource from the biological...
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    [Solved] [R] Convert character to command

    He guys, I've been wondering if this is in someway possible in R. Maybe someone here knows. Lets say you have a set of R-commands saved as characters, how do you convert these to commands? # lets say we have the following a="rep(c("A", "B"),each=2)" # its classified as a character class(a)...
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    Solved and Workaround tags

    Hi guys, How useful would you guys think it is if the mods started adding [Solved] or equivalent tags to problems that have been answered? This practice may even encourage help-seekers to do the same. Its should make it easier for people to find useful topics when searching the forum. Tell...