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    How to calculate the expected beta values in multiple regression?

    We wish to carry out multiple regression of the type y= x0 + (beta1*x1 + beta2*x2) / (beta3*x3 + beta4*x4), where y is the response variable, x0 is the interecept, x1-x4 are the four independent variables, and beta1 - beta4 are the four corresponding beta coefficients. Our only a priori...
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    Bayes formulae for binary variables

    Thank you very much for your response. The underlying data have to do with a lab experiment in which lab rats press one of two levers and get one of two rewards. We want first figure out how close the rats are to the Bayesian ideal. We haven't finished the number-crunching yet (obviously), but...
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    Bayes formulae for binary variables

    Hi Everyone, We have a research project where both the underlying variables A and B are binary variables (i.e., categorical variables with two levels each). We need to write scripts to calculate the Bayesian conditional probabilities for the various values of A and B. To do so, I have worked...