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    mean problem

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    mean problem

    I made a try,,can you have a look?
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    mean problem

    a student computed the mean of a particular sample to be 40. after computing the mean he discovered that he forgot to include the number 36 in the sample. when this number was included , the sample mean changed to 39.5 what was the sample size (n) including the number 36?
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    data of time

    is the time consuming data discrete or continuous ?
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    Probability Problem

    A doctor is studying the relationship between blood pressure and heart beating abnormalities in her patients. She tests a random sample of her patients and notes their blood pressures (Low , Normal , High) and their heartbeats (regular or irregular). She finds that 14% have high blood pressure ...
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    classification Trees

    Hello I'm doing a research about the application of classification trees on drop out education. I was confused about deciding what results should be presented, I used three growing methods : CHAID , EXHAUSTIVE CHAID and CRT. the evaluation by using re-substitution and cross validation risks and...
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    profits in Classification trees

    what is this number about?
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    profits in Classification trees

    Hello I need some help in explanation of profits (revenue and expense) for the application of Classification trees on SPSS. Thank you.