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    Multiple independent variables and common end point

    i have data in excel sheet.. all patients died due to a particular disease... u can see variables like education, income, occupation, alcohol or smoking history, etc (like that around 10 variables) all the variables are marked as nominal (eg, religion 0 -hindu 1- muslim 3 - christian 4 -others)...
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    Multiple independent variables and common end point

    Hai.. I have data like this. List of cases with one final end point (death). I have multiple independent variables that affect this end point, including diet (veg, non-veg), smoking (yes/no), alcohol (no, little, massive), etc. I need to find if any of those factors have some correlations...
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    Help with thesis

    Hai everyone.. I am now working on a project, which measures perfusion in a part of brain, before and after a therapeutic intervention. This procedure is done in one side of the brain, and hence the perfusion measurement in one side acts as a sort of control. So I have perfusion measurements...