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  1. Max_G

    Which stats test to use?

    Oh that's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give that a go. Thank you!
  2. Max_G

    Hello there

    Hey there, My name's Max and I'm an environmental analyst working for various energy & manufacturing companies in the UK, as part of a graduate scheme. Lots of my work involves statistical analysis so you'll definitely see me posting questions here from time to time!
  3. Max_G


    Hey Athanasia, I recently posted a thread with a similar question (I'm looking for a suitable test that looks at the relationship between a binary and a continuous variable) - although I'm still waiting for some thoughts, my own research has pointed to biserial correlation, which may be what...
  4. Max_G

    Which stats test to use?

    Hi there, I want to analyse the impact of turning a production line on and off (variable X, binary) on the environmental quality of wastewater being discharged; more specifically, the suspended solids content (variable Y, continuous). I have a set of daily data for a whole month, which shows if...