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    How can I compare two bootstrap-generated distributions?

    Hi everyone, I've generated variability around my single endpoint value with the bootstrap method (endpoint = intrinsic growth rate "r" ). I've done this for my control and my treatments. Now, how can I compare these distribution so that I can tell if this endpoint is statistically...
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    Comparing means with Poisson distributed data?

    Hi everyone! How can I perform ANOVA, so to compare means, when the data of my groups are clearly Poisson distributed (towards 0 values)? Thanks a lot! Cheers
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    Comparing means with zero-inflated data in SPSS

    Hi everybody, I whish to know how to compare means with zero-inflated data. I tried to perform an ANOVA test but obviosuly it's impossible since some treatments are very rich in zeros. How can I accomplish this task using SPSS? Thanks a lot!
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    Ecology: how to compare "intrinsic growth rates" (r)

    Hi everybody, I would like to know how to statistically compare different "intrinsic growth rates", most of the times named "r", belonging to different populations. It's a ecotoxicological experiment with these two simple variables: 1) time (days, from 0 to 21) 2) live offspring (total...