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    Within study calculate statistical significance

    Hi I have a binomial experiment whereby I’m comparing the diagnostic accuracy of Test 1 against Test 2. Test 2 comprises of two parts (A and B), with both parts completed a binomial response is given. Yes there is the disease or No there isn’t a disease. However Test 2 is expensive to complete...
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    95% confidence interval using standard error of a proportion

    Hi, firstly apologies my stats knowledge is limited. I am looking at linear binomial regression. I have a study that has a yes or no output so binomial. Out of 50 cases I get a yes rate of 49 so a probability of success (p) value of 98%. I want to work out the 95% confidence of this...
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    Sensitivity and specificity

    Hi I have 2 test's A and B which are performed on patients and are done together to give a high level of sensitivity and specificity. However doing both test A and B is expensive. I want to work out the sensitivity and specificity of A individually and B individually to see if there's a...