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    How do I unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM?

    How do you unscale coefficients from a gamma log-linked GLMM? I scaled B80S (julian date) and AuAT (air temperature), and am trying to rescale the coefficients now to present the results.
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    Binomial GLMM residual pattern

    I am trying to complete a binomial GLMM but I don't think that the residuals look right when I compare them to the years. Is this too much of a pattern in the residuals? My model looks like this: binary response ~ carbon + I(carbon^3) + nitrogen + class + (1|Year). In my model, carbon and...
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    How to deal with individual pseudoreplication?

    I am trying to deal with pseudoreplication of individuals in my study, and not quite sure how to handle it. I have been trying to account for individuals being sampled multiple times (twice usually) using a GLMM with individual ID as a random intercept. However, I think that the number of ID's...