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  1. fourize

    Mixed model Vs repeated measure Anova

    I'm currently writing a SAP where I'll add a mixed model. Do you guys have a good online reference document on this subject ? I mean, where I can see how to perform this model using SAS and the points I need to pay attention to! Thank you a lot
  2. fourize

    Mixed model Vs repeated measure Anova

    Hi Fed2, Thank you for your answers. Let take two examples for more understanding. Suppose I have a continuous variable (CV) to explain. If I have on the one hand: (1) CV measures and an other categorical variable at different visits and on the other hand: (2) CV measures and other...
  3. fourize

    Mixed model Vs repeated measure Anova

    Hello, I have two questions that I would like to clarify, please. 1. What is the difference between a repeated measure ANOVA and a mixed model? 2. Can we use a mixed model when we have only two repeats? for example only 2 visits. Thank you in advance
  4. fourize

    t-test vs. Wilcoxon-test

    Hi, To use a t.test, you must check the normality of the distribution of your data with a shapiro.test. If yes, you use the t.test, if not, you use wilcoxon.test F.
  5. fourize

    Which tests, within-subject experiment

    Hello, If I understand correctly, the variable to be analyzed is continuous, right? If so, a repeated measurement ANOVA would be suitable. I think it would be better to describe your data and what you have already done and we can help you better. F.