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    obtain inter-aarival from bulk arrival

    obtain inter-arrival from bulk arrival I have some data regarding the arrival of customers at a shop. These arrivals are bulk arrivals which have been collected at fixed time intervals (say, t1=0+x,t2=t1+x,t3=t2+x,..). How can I convert these bulk arrivals to inter-arrivals? what about using...
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    MLE parameter estimation error in R for Exponential Distribution

    I am doing a statistical modeling and doing right and left censoring. I have difficulty to fit my data to exponential distribution as I am getting the following error in R: the function mle failed to estimate the parameters, with the error code 100 I do not want to shift or rescale my data...
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    Monte Carlo Simulation , a simpler version

    Hi all, I have asked this question before, but it seems I was not asked it in an appropriate way, so I draw the following flowchart which I think explain the problem much simpler and faster. I have the following situation and would like to do a Monte Carlo Simulation for this. Could you...
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    Monte Carlo for Weibull and Lognornam distributions in R

    I am involved in a project which needs statistic and computer science. I am more of a computer guy so I appreciate any statistical help. I am doing most of the process in R. Step A: In the project, I have some sensors which count the number of passing objects in minutes and these sensors...
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    **Only for Poisson, Censored data, fitdistrplus*** the function mle failed to estimat

    Hello All, I am getting the following error and it only happens for interval censoring, It does not happen for left and right censoring, and it also does not happen for exp, norm, lnorm, weibull,... I have to say I do not have any idea, > max(z) [1] 39011 > min(z) [1] 1 > I am...
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    Estimating Mean of a Poisson Distribution Based on Interval censoring

    Dear all, I appreciate that if you let me know if there is any package implemented in R for Estimating Mean of a Poisson Distribution Based on Interval censoring? And if yes, could you please provide some information about it:) By the way, is there anything for lognormal?I think...
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    QQ plot for censored data (interval)

    Dear All, I am trying to fit my data to a distribution (say lognormal) in R with plotting QQ, and my data contains both right and left censoring. I highly appreciate that if you could provide me a sample, link, tutorial or anything. I also have access to SAS Educational. Best regards Mohsen