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  1. Johwilire01

    Trend Data from Survey

    Can anyone assist me with how to build a trend data graph in excel, please? I have survey data from the past three years using Likert scales of (Exceeds, Meets, Does Not Meet) and I'd like to display this in a horizontal graph somehow. I have 7 categories (alignment with goals, professional...
  2. Johwilire01

    Qualitative Analysis

    Hi everyone! I am working on a study from a survey done in Survey Monkey that has 5 questions that were open answer with approximately 500 respondents who provided comments to those answers. I now have to look at each question and review the qualitative data from those questions and break them...
  3. Johwilire01

    Analyzing grades

    Not sure where to put this question but I seriously need help!! I was tasked to find out how many students out of roughly 200 took a quiz multiple times and how many times they took a particular quiz. I have this all in excel but is there an easy way to do this without having to manually count...