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    variance of simple linear regression coefficients

    Sure. When you have a fixed sample you get fixed estimates. That's not what the variance is referring to here. The assumptions of your model probably talk about some random variables and in the case of regression it's typically that the errors are assumed to be i.i.d. N(0, sigma). So let's...
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    How can be used time series in sport?

    You can take some measurement related to the sport and then model it over time.
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    Regresson Analysis for Net promoter Score (NPS)

    Why do you think you are doing something wrong?
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    How to find similar expression profiles within a table

    There are many ways to do clustering. I believe that's what you're looking for here.
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    Gumbel Distribution

    Can you specify the PDF you're referring to. Wikipedia seems to imply that the cdf you mention is for what is just commonly known as the Gumbel distribution.
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    Weighted Cohen Kappa (R)

    What is your issue? If it's an error please provide the output of the error message. If it's just output that doesn't make sense post that and tell us why it doesn't make sense. Thanks.
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    How to interpret a HR of 0.79 (0.63-1.00) p=0.026?

    Does the pvalue correspond to a one sided test?
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    Probability question

    Are we to make the assumption that the true probability that each of the 50 new students will attend or not ends up being 70%?
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    Capacity Building benefits

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    Testing 'black box' sampling claim - which test to use?

    I don't think I understand your concerns completely. If the claim just relates to how many samples will contain at least one defective item - how does this relate to the sample size? The way I read that then all you need is the total number of samples and the number of samples that contain at...
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    Dividing means and their SD to give confidence limits

    If that's all you were given then you actually can't create a confidence interval since the propogation of error formula for A/B requires the covariance of the two estimates. If you're making the assumption that the individuals in A and B are independent and that the covariance is 0 then it's...
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    Calculation of the probability of multiple random events

    What is your reasoning for this?
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    How to get the odds of an event, based on its linear regression analisy?

    It's more appropriate when the thing you want to predict is binary. Although I realize now that I probably should have asked this to begin with: what variable are you trying to predict/model here?
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    Frequencies with many variables

    Can you give an example of what your data actually looks like. I think that would clear up some questions I have.
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    Function out of my package only works after being copied/pasted...Why?

    Here is the official documentation on declaring dependencies in R: Here is a decent explanation of when to use imports/depends...
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    Function out of my package only works after being copied/pasted...Why?

    I think the issue is that you're relying on "Depends" to bring the packages you use in instead of Imports. This can make the Namespace a bit harder to anticipate. Using `debug` it looks like the issue is that mean(u.comp) and mean(v.comp) are returning NA inside of your function when called...
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    Function out of my package only works after being copied/pasted...Why?

    Oh so you mean copying the internals of the function and pasting them directly as if you were running a script? I thought you meant copying the function definition and pasting that and then that fixed it. Side note - can you make a reproducible example? And paste the code directly instead of...
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    Please help, which ANOVA should I use?

    Because your design doesn't have the information necessary to fit an interaction term. I'm assuming the design is still The interaction would tell us if the effect of shock level is different for the four treatments (or at least that's one way to think of it). You don't have any treatments...