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    Calculating and plotting standardized residuals from a model in python

    I am looking for a way to calculate the standardized residuals for a given set of data and then plot the standardized residual plots. I do not know how to do this with numpy. I have tried coding the formula myself but each time I get an error that I cannot convert the array to a scalar. I wonder...
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    Predicting and correlating categorical variables

    I know what to do when I want to predict and find out correlation between two numerical variables. But I have a problem with categorical variables. Say I have a response variable, categorical, with three values: yes, no, and maybe, and then a numerical variable, say age. What measures do I use...
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    How to interprete two way anova result [closed]

    I was doing a two way anova where factor a, the managers, have three levels, and factor b, training or no training received (i.e two levels). When I did the f statistic for the interaction between the factors I got the answer that there is no interaction between the factors. How do you interpret...
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    Journals statisticians read

    Hi. I learned statistics on self-study and really am enthusiastic about the subject. I want to increase my knowledge by reading journal articles written by practitioners. Can anyone refer me to at least one journal that I can reference that will increase my knowledge? Thanks
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    Probability of events not in use from pmf

    I have this question in a textbook I am reading and I am frustrated in how to answer it. A mail order telephone business has 6 telephone lines. Let X = the number of lines in use at a specified time. suppose the probability mass function, pmf, of X is given in the following table: x | p(x) 0...