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    Autocorrelation in data panel using eviews

    Halo. I have a research using regression method with eviews. It has 3 IV and 1DV also 75 samples. The result is containing autocorrelation where dw is 1.447. My question is, how to remove autocorrelation? I already try to use first difference but still containing autocorrelation. Is anyone...
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    Assumption of Discriminant Analysis

    Hi, there. I have a problem. I want to compare 3 categories of fish with 20 variables using discriminant analysis. The question is about normality test. 1. Should I check the normality data? If yes, should check in all IV using the DV or only in IV? 2. What should I do, if the data is not...
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    Assumption of Manova?

    Thank you very much for your attention and answer. It's very helpful.
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    Assumption of Manova?

    Oh okay I understand. Do you have the references of this? Maybe in a Book or statistical articles? Thanks for the answer btw.
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    Assumption of Manova?

    Could you give more detail explanation? I have 3 categories of IV, it means there are 3 crosstabs categories with 30 sampels in each. So, should I do the normality test?
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    Assumption of Manova?

    I have a researh 4 IV where 3 of it are categorical type and 1 is continuous, to 3 DV. Is anyone here know about normality assumption of Manova? What we should use in normality test : 1. Normality only for dependent variable? or, 2. Normality in relation between dependent variable with the...