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    Multiple imputation SPSS

    Hi All, I have been reading up on how to conduct multiple imputation on SPSS but wondered if there are any general ruled of thumb or references available to advise on how many iterations and imputations to use? Thank you in advance.
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    SPSS insufficient memory Fisher exact test

    Hi All, I have been conducted analyses on a study using the Fisher Exact test but have currently encountered an issue with my larger contingency tables (3x7 and 3x9) as SPSS has insufficient memory to conduct the analyses. In this scenario it is best to use a Monte Carlo simulation on these...
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    ANOVA with missing case

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a current situation I have encountered. I have a study set-up with 13 participants that I am examining over 5 time-points, hence, I intend to conduct a one-way ANOVA. However, on one of the time-points, a participant was unable to...
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    Non-parametric Two-way ANOVA

    Hi Guys, I wanted to run a TWO-way ANOVA but unfortunately, my variables are non-parametric. I have tried transforming the data but that did not work. I was wondering what the next step was? I was thinking of conducting two separate tests, a Friedman's test as a non-parametric alternative to...