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    Please tell if this is correct

    There are error in programs which have two parts Part A and Part B. P(error in A) = 0.13 P(error in B) = 0.38 P(program crash when error in A) = 0.6 P(program crash when error in B) = 0.692 P(prog crash when an error in both A and B) = 0.79 Q1)Your program crashed. Find P(error in both...
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    Total probability theorem in bayes theorem question

    Let it be assumed that you are working on a project in R. The project consists of two parts. The first part is based on descriptive statistics and the second one is to model the data. The probability that there is an error is the first part, is 0.13. As the second part is more mathematical so...
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    Comparing average of two results!

    So here is a question which asks me to compare the mean results. So I calculated the mean number of deaths per 100000 people i.e (2479/216,565,318)*100000 = 1.14. So what to say? The per-day deaths of 2019 were greater than that of in 2020. That's it?
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    What things to include in summary statistics?

    Hye! So this is a question being given: Now I am going to include the mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range. But what about graphs?? Should I make Histogram, Frequency Distribution Table, Box plot,Bar chart. Or should I just draw one of them?? Its a 15 marks...
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    Is my approach correct for this binomial distribution question?

    Here is the question: So it would be: n = 5, p = 9/15 = 0.6 , q= 1-0.6 =0.4 P(x=3) = (5C3) * 0.6^3 *(0.4)^(5-3) = 0.3456 P(x=4) = (5C4) * 0.6^4 *(0.4)^(5-4) = 0.2592 P(x=5) = (5C5) * 0.6^5 *(0.4)^(5-5) = 0.07776 So adding the 3 prob = 0.68256 Ans. We will not...
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    Is P(x) = P(x | y )*P(y) + P(x | ~y )*P(~y) according to Bayes theorem?

    Can anyone tell me if this equation valid? If yes how? I have tried to check on google but couldn't find it! If this equation is valid then I will be able to solve a question on Bayes theorem. Thanks!
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    Have I done this binomial distribution question correctly?

    Insurance policies are sold to 10 different people age 25-30 years. All of these are in good health conditions. The probability that a person of similar condition will enjoy more than 25 years is 4/5. Calculate the probability that in 25 years a) Almost 2 will die. It will be P(X=0)...
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    Finding Variance in Poisson distribution question

    Hello! Can anyone tell me how to solve this question? Consider that X~ Poisson(μ) and P(X > 0) = e ^−1.5 Find the variance? I need P(x =0) to use the formulae of Poisson distribution. But I don't have that!