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  1. Eaners

    Choosing an appropriate test: MANOVA? ANCOVA? Something else?

    I am performing a "dry run" statistical analysis on my dissertation data pretest, and I'm looking for a little guidance regarding the specific analyses I need to perform. I have three primary variables: Environment. Categorical, 1 of 3 conditions. Independent, assigned by experimenter...
  2. Eaners

    How to "stack" variables

    Say that I have performed a survey in which I have asked subjects to use a three-item, five-point Likert scale to rate three scenarios. My data would be formatted to look something like this (Sx indicates scenario, Ix indicates item): Subject S1_I1 S1_I2 S1_I3 S2_I1 S2_I2 S2_I3 S3_I1 S3_I2...
  3. Eaners

    Cronbach's alpha: Same scale, multiple scenarios... special calculation needed?

    Hi everyone, I'm working on data for my dissertation and had a question regarding Cronbach's alpha. In a pretest, I asked just over 100 subjects to rate their perceptions of privacy of nine different environments. The scale used for each of the nine environments was the same six-item...