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    95% CI of Limits of agreement (Bland Altman plot)

    May I ask how to find 95% confidence interval of the limit of agreement (in Bland Altman Plot) in SPSS? Thanks!
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    Limits of agreement and Bland Altman plot

    May I kindly ask how may I present the Bland Altman plot in words in the “Results” section of the manuscript, e.g. what should be reported and how may I find these in SPSS? Thanks a lot!
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    Conversion Equation using Generalized estimating equations in SPSS

    Hello, I got two devices that measure same group of people. I would like to create a conversion equation to translate the measurement from device A to device B using repeated-measures models with generalized estimating equations. May I kindly ask how it actually works in SPSS (e.g. which...