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    Power and sample size calculation for neuroscience

    Dear TalkStats, I have searched the forum but cannot find the answer I am looking for, if you could help that would be great! I am recording cells and their action potential frequency in two conditions (group 1 and group 2). (So it is a repeated measures.) How do I calculate the required...
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    Repeated measures ANOVA; missing data and multiple measures at each time point

    Hi TalkStats I have data from a project. The data is the blood pressure for each participant at day of "baseline" visit, and 3 time points after baseline visit. Index these baseline and post-baseline time points j=0,1,2,3. For the ith participant, at time point j, we have measurement...
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    Best way to analyse my data: 2-way repeated measures anova?

    :wave::wave: Hi TalkStats :wave::wave: I have a data set which is outlined in the table below: \begin{tabular}{|l|cr|} \hline ID & baseline & response \\ \hline 1 & $x_1$ & $y_1$ \\ 1 & $x_2$ & $y_2$ \\ 1 & $x_3$ & $y_3$ \\ 1 & $x_4$ & $y_4$ \\ 2 & $x_5$ & $y_5$ \\ 2 & $x_6$ &...