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    Replication in linear regression. General Estimating Equations (GEE) a good option?

    or is it the only option? I've been collecting hosts in 3 different habitats, about 20 hosts every sampling trip. I've been recording prevalence of a parasite (1 or 0) and abundance (number of parasites per host) for each individual. I'd like to know: Abundance/prevalence (DV) are the...
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    [R] Prevalence by site. Stuck after fisher.test and pairwise.t.test

    Hi, I run into a problem I can't solve and I got stuck doing the pairwise.t.test. I'll try to give you as many details I could so maybe you can help me out. Thanks in advance. I'm studying the prevalence of one parasite on a host from different localities. I do it by assigning presence...
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    [R] Non-parametric test to multi factorial ANOVA

    Hi, I've spent hours searching online (by "non parametric factorial ANOVA"), reading in books (Zar's "Biostatistical analysis") and manuals (R), but I can't find any clear solution, so I'll bite the bullet and I whine to you. First, sorry for my English and my lack of Statistical knowledge...