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    How to deal with non-proportional hazard Cox models?

    Dear all, I want to run a Cox model to see if there is an interaction between two treatments. However, the test to see if proportional hazard is respected suggests that it is actually not respected. So I don't know what other statistical survival analysis to do because it means I cannot rely on...
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    R: Survival and censored data: how structure my input datasheet?

    Dear all, I would like to know how to organize the datasheet to import in R for survival analysis (Surv object, logrank test and Coxph). Let's consider an experiment with small animals. A cohort of 600 individuals is being followed-up every two days for 6 days (so I have data at day=0, 2, 4...
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    Survival analysis at few dates: glms? logrank? cox ?

    Hello, In many documentation I have read that Kaplan-Meier curves followed by logrank test and/or cox models are the most recommended statistical methods to analyse Survival and test for different factors that may impact the Survival. However, I have also heard that these are suitable if I...