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    Long run distribution

    I have been worked out a transition matrix of a Markov chain using the Metropolis algorithm, and now have to use R in order to show that it has the required long run distribution. I am new to R so im not sure if this is on the right track: > A= matrix(c(.75, .6, .5, .1, .1, .1, .15, .3, .4)...
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    Which test to use in minitab?

    I need to run a test in Minitab on my data to find out the number of values that are above a certain score in order to see whether i can accept the data frame. Can anybody help me, I am new to minitab. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    How to prove that the expectation and variance of a Poisson random variable = lambda?

    This probably has an easy solution, but I was wondering if anybody could help me solve and explain these two questions: (a) Show that the expectation of the random variable is E(X) = lambda (b) Show that the variance of the random variable is Var(X) = lambda Any help would be very...